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Project Description
The Grail RPG Library provides a foundation of core components common to many role playing games. Formerly known as "Figment".

Grail is intended as a flexible, lightweight, and extensible set of tools to get the casual RPG developer started, or for rapid prototyping of RPG games. Each major feature is independent, so you can implement only what you need. Most components within features function independently where possible.

Grail addresses concepts which are not specific to a platform or engine type. For instance, physics, pathfinding, UI, etc. are all highly dependent on implementation details and target environment, so they are not good candidates. Fortunately the ecosystem for such features is quite mature and offers a great degree of specialization. It is left to the consumer to research the appropriate products for their intended platform, engine, and target environment.

Planned Features


  • Taxonomy (Species, Race, etc.)
  • Attributes (Core and Calculated)
  • Status Effects
  • Names and Titles
  • Achievements
  • Factions and Reputation
  • Level-Based Progression
  • Skills
    • Hierarchy
    • Progression
    • Decay
    • Synergy (Between skills, and cross-character)


  • Currencies
  • Loot
    • Weight, Bulk, etc.
    • Value
    • Quality Tiers
    • Equipment
      • Decay and Repair
      • Enchantment
      • Item Budget
      • Upgrades
    • Consumables
  • Storage
    • Containers: Pack, Bank, Chest, Quiver...
      • Content Constraints (Whitelist/Blacklist, Weight/Bulk, etc.)


Currently in Conceptualization Stage

Grail is nowhere near ready for collaborative development, much less actual use. Once I get a better grasp of what I plan to provide I'll update this page with a firm features list and roadmap.

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